Truck Fenders

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Q.S. Global Logistics

As a “one stop shop” for all things "trucking", we provide the supply to your demand.

Expansion & Elevation

Structure, Compliance, Profitability.

We customize a formula specific to your business' needs.

Freight Brokerage

We pair qualified shippers with qualified carriers and get freight moved safely, timely & cost efficiently. Ensuring that all parties receive accurate compensation or service for their value.

Warehouse Distribution & Fulfillment

Storage, Labeling, Packaging etc. We connect the facilities for freight with the "in between" before it reaches it's final destination.

Community & Economic Development

With a solid foundation of all the industries that rely on transportation and logistics, we are building and developing our communities and the economy. Get involved.

With our client/customer network of Retailers, Distributors, Freight Forwarders, Carriers & other Brokers, we are improving the industry one day at a time.